Best way to set up Brume 2 as Wireguard Server

In order for a Brume 2 to work behind a router, should I plug it in on the WAN port, right? Then port forward 51820.

Want to replace my raspberry Pi 4 with a Brume 2 for the same purpose: Set a Wireguard server on my home and be able to access resources (and tunnel my connection through my home IP)

The Pi has one port, so it was straightforward. Are these the right steps to set it up?

  1. Connect Brume 2 WAN port to router
  2. Connect a PC to the LAN port for configuration (wish I could avoid this)
    2.1) Go to admin page and activate WG Server, goodcloud access, obtain .conf profiles for clients.
    2.2) Open port 80 on Brume 2 firewall to access admin portal within my LAN (using my router’s assigned IP for Brume)
    2.3) Disconnect PC from LAN.
  3. Port forward 51820 on my router >> Brume 2

Is that about it? Will this setup allow Brume 2 to access the rest of my LAN while a WG Client is connected to it?


I have done this on other GL iNet routers running 3.x firmware but not on a Brume 2. It looks like you have most of the steps correct, but I did not use Goodcloud, as I find Goodcloud to be an un-necessary security risk, as GL iNet has reported they have suffered a hacking attack on this service. Along with port 80, you probably want to open up port 22 so you can ssh into the router.

I’m not sure with the 4.x firmware if the firewall will give you LAN access, of if you will have to play with the firewall rules to permit this.