Best WireGuard service in South East Asia

I’m in South East Asia at the moment, and I’m using my AR300M. Wireguard is obviously the fastest VPN protocol currently. In my effort to maximize my throughput I’ve tested a few providers.

There are only 2 commercial WireGuard providers I know about. MullVad and AzireVPN. MullVad is the only one with an Asian presence.
I tested the free MullVad starter. It supposedly has a Singapore server, but the ping is 200ms. I think it has some sort of rerouting going on. It maxed out at 10Mbps.

I then set up my own service on a AWS Lightsail instance ($3.50 / month) in Singapore. It also maxed out at around 10 Mbps. The $3.50 Lightsail instances are analogous to the t3.nano AWS instances. The Lightsail instances come with 2TB of bandwidth which is quite good for the price (but a $0.125/GB overage cost in Singapore). The latency was around 35ms which was much better than MullVad.

I then setup on a Singapore $3.50 / month instance on Vultr. Only 500MB of data is alotted for the plan with a 2.5 cent overage cost per GB. But this gave the fastest speed at 25Mbps which is about the max for my WISP connection at my current location. Again 35ms latency.

My PIA OpenVPN was maxing out at 8MBps.

Anyway - hope someone finds this helpful.

I also tried the Lightsail small instance ($10/mth / AWS t3.small) hoping they weren’t throttling the network as much on the larger instances but it had the same speed as the nano