Beta 750-3.100-1217, double the 50% of WiFi speed by configure "noscan"

How to disable/enable the follow, for getting not only 50% of WiFi speed in real live envirements ?:

  • Openwrt call it “WiFi noscan” function
  • AVM call it “WLAN Koexistenz” or “WiFi Coexistence”

The function reduce the cannel useing from 40 to 20 MHz, if other wifi user around.

They are are about the same toppic on glinet bug tracer since some time. A its looks the glinet bug tracker are not more used anymore by gliinet.

For friends of ssh, it can be it can be configured on follow:

  • ‘noscan’ option in ‘/etc/config/wireless’

Its looks for menue item useing user are actual no menue item available on:

  • glinet Beta Beta 750-3.100-1217

Its looks its the same situation on follow firmware:

  • Beta 750-3.100-1218

And, behavior here is consistent with WiFi Alliance.

Be a good neighbor.

In your modell:

  • the good neighbor occupied the wifi double time than the bad neighbor

Booth models are not perfect. The “be friendly to your neighbor mode” are not realy friendly to your neighbor and the “be unfriendly to your neighbor mode”, are not realy unfriendly to you neighbor. Boot modes look before sending about the channel are free or not by (SMACD?) or what ever.

Some million of routers around me have have disabled the “friendly neighbor mode”. In this invirement, i have to do the same.

WiFi 6 will handle the problems depend on more than one wifi user a little bit better. Depend on existing glinet routers are the wifi not a replacable module like intel 200ax, i need to wait for a model with integratet actual wifi modul.

How to disable/enable the follow, for getting not only 50% of WiFi speed in real live envirements ?:

Its hard to use a 300MBit wifi router by 150MBit on a 2,4 GBit + 0,6 GBit = 3 GBit WiFi 6 world.

Ultimately at the end of the day - even “forcing” 40MHz channels in 2.4 doesn’t guarantee that you’ll actually get the bandwidth.

802.11 always has a primary channel - that’s 20MHz - the secondary channels are conditional, so data there needs to pass a clear channel check before you can use the secondary channel(s). If the secondary channel is not clear, it won’t be used, and the PDU transmission will be 20MHz for the duration of that PDU.

the main difference with the no-scan is that it’ll permit 40Mhz, with the caveats above, and no-scan makes autochannel a bit more difficult in crowded areas.

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Do you think the some million user of router with “noscan” support like this option or disable this ?

It can be the best ist to switch to WiFi6 asop. Whats the alternate ?:

  • wait for “noscan” support ?
  • wait for WPA3 support ?
  • wait for WiFi6 gli devices ?

Given the proclivities of 2.4Ghz, setting the bandwidth to 40 will cause problems. Not big problems, but pesky connection-related issues that seem to suddenly appear, only to disappear as quickly! However, if you have 2.4 Ghz set up as a Trunk Pipe, and your users live @ 5.x Ghz above, you’ll be lovin life!

"WLAN coexistence active (2.4 GHz frequency band)
The FRITZ! box can use 20 MHz and 40 MHz channels (according to WLAN-N standard). However, if several WLAN routers in the 2.4 GHz band radio in a 40 MHz channel, interference will occur. To avoid such interference, activate “WLAN coexistence active”. The FRITZ! box then switches to 20 MHz if it detects a WLAN router that is transmitting in the 2.4 GHz band in a 40 MHz channel.

In environments with no or weakly sparking other WLAN networks, you can deactivate the setting."

Do you mean we have to pray for some million AVM users:

  • which have to use router which support the “noscan” function ?
  • Do you realy mean this user dont like the support of “noscan” ?

Thank you for a very interesting thread! I’m sure that I am not the only GL-iNET customer patiently waiting for the company to introduce WiFi 6 products. However, I agree that the wait has been rather painful!

So, while we are all waiting with bated breath for GL-iNET to introduce a WiFi 6 router, I certainly agree that, in lieu of WiFi 6 functionality, they should be seriously working on any innovation that can improve WiFi 5 for all of us. This particular innovation by Hilfe Fritz, is not only promising, but actually delivers on the promise in production networks!

Considering the plethora of cave-man, ass-backwards networks I have to deal with on a daily basis, I NEED this, and more, to make my life easier!

Tony Mars

The “noscan” feature used by AVM, among others, is a component of older Openwrt firmware, which is only not used by some hardware manufacturers. So there is nothing to reinvent.

Thank you for history lesson. I didn’t use “innovation” in the sense that it was an invention/new technology. Innovation is often used to refer to notable cases where an older technology, technique, or idea is used, reutilized, or repackaged with remarkable results, and help companies remain competitive. Also, for sure, I’m relatively new to the Open Source approach to networking and I thank those, like you, who take the time to help me learn!

Tony Mars

Again - hostapd is trying very hard to conform to IEEE guidance in the specs, so forcing 40MHz is contrary to that, it’s the 20/40 HT Coexistence that keeps things calm…

WiFi6 isn’t going to change things with regards to HT/VHT/HE coexistence, as it still needs to support the B/G/N specs and rules set there.

Anyways - OpenWRT is open-source, and so is HostAPD, so patch as needed, and build your own - but I do think it’s a bit unreasonable to ask an OEM to do that, as this does impact their WiFi Alliance certs

Do you think its the job of customer to change the software ? If the customer start to do this, he can start to sell OEM devices too.

Hi, Starting from version 3.102, our firmware interface supports setting 20M, 40M, 20 / 40M

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It is great to hear that the suggestions for improvement improve the Ubuntu based gl router.

Hi ,not ubuntu,this is openwrt


Wow. This is good news that gives hope for the other devices.
Forward always, backward never.

Is there a build of this available for the ar750? I’m only seeing 3.100 under the testing folder…

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Hi , We will update the test firmware to the testing directory as soon as possible, please be patient, thank you