Beta 750-3.100-1217, security, power consum, speed, some not used services running

On Beta 750-3.100-1217 firmware are some not used services, par example:

  • if you use no VPN, the open VPN and other VPN server and client services are running
  • if you use Open VPN, the other not used VPN server and client services are running too
  • running dropebeer service (ssh service), if not used too !!!

Like this, are not the best for:

  • security
  • power consum
  • speed

If anybody in the mood for checking the situation for the rest of services on glinet router, dont hesitate to check and open a bug and improvements ticket…

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interesting, were you able to get some load numbers on those extra services as a group or on a individual basis?

If you do not use vpn, vpn processes should not run.

I am on 3.100 firmware AR750s and the process is clean.