Big fan of the Little Routers

I got 2 devices which I use whenever I travel. The Shadow, I leave in the hotel rooms the Slate when I go to overseas offices. Love them both for compact size and usage and I’ve been eyeing the Flint for some time now for my WFH setup here in Hong Kong.

Since the pandemic started, I’ve repurposed the Shadow. It now acts as my little private bubble in my home network for academic purposes. And Slate still travels with me and is nestled away in my computer bag.

Looking forward to the wifi6 upgrades for these as well!


Make sure you subscribe to the AXT1800 travel router email marketing: GL-AXT1800 / Slate AX - GL.iNet

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Slate AX. I’ll be one of the early adopters for that.

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Thank you for sharing your product experience with us! Happy to know you like our travel routers! :slight_smile: