Big problems with routers, probably all models. Help greatly needed!

Beryl AX, Beryl, Slate AX, Shadow - Ext - do not connect in repeater mode (not in the hotel, not in the captive portal, but in my wifi personal network); some very rare moments Beryl and Shadow-Ext connects, but without internet. Latest firmware for each one of them.
Beryl AX, Beryl, Slate AX, Shadow - Ext : if they are no connected to the internet, none of my devices (laptop, android tablet and android phone) can not keep the wifi connection to them; only if one of them connects by mistake to the internet, then my devices can keep the wifi steady. Latest firmware for each one of them.
None of them has Internet via WAN Ethernet working (home environment, main router is Flint 2, connected via DHCP). Is shows Ethernet connected, but of no use: Internet is down by default.
None of them permits to see files form an USB stick connected in their USB port. DLNA and Samba ON, all of them , excepting Shadow-Ext which has no space left after upgrade to the last FW in order to install DLNA. And, of course, Beryl do not have installe any file/network storage (DLNA, etc). Tried to install minidlna-luci, but it didn’t appear on Applications menu.
The only router which works as expected (Ethernet works, repeater works, internet works and DLNA works flawlessly) is Shadow (simple version) with old FW 3.2.16. Of course, no Adguard possible.
Flint 2 frequent drops in WIFI signal, no reason given, no solution on the horizon.
Mango V2 works in repeater mode after upgrade to FW 4…, but on 3.2.16 it was really snappy, now is starting with great latency and captive portal + DLNA/SAMBA are gone.

So, I really need your help:

  1. which FW (legacy included) do I have to install on every router in order to have them all working properly?
  2. what are the best settings for them?
  3. Use of Repeater mode and DLNA are the best two most important use cases for me. But I do expect that every function listed as a FUNCTION to work with flying colors.

Thank you very much in advance. All the best!

That’s because most devices will force internet connection and if there is no connection, they will drop the Wi-Fi connection. Unfortunately, this is a client setting, you need to adjust this on each device.

I already did that on my Android clients. In Windows 10 do not know how to do it yet, but , any how, is very frustrating, because (use case): you do not need Internet , but you want to watch some movies from your external USB HDD or stick on a smart-TV, let’s say.

So your main router is Flint 2.

You are trying to connect Beryal AX, Slate AX etc to Flint 2 via repeater but they don’t connect?

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Yes, that’s right. And to one another router on a different network, as well. Same bad result. And ,as I already mentioned, even on Ethernet they do not connect.

All routers cannot connect via repeater or cable to Flint 2 and another router?

Maybe you can give more details, e.g. can you connect your computers to Flint 2 directly?

It seems just so strange.

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All routers cannot connect via repeater or cable to Flint 2 and another router?
Indeed, it’s true.
can you connect your computers to Flint 2 directly?
Yes, I can. Not only computers, but media players, as well. The only problems with Flint 2 is that it disconnects frequently from WIFI, with no reason.

Hello, can you update Flint 2 to the latest stable version 4.5.7 and see if it can connect? GL.iNet download center (

I have read all the warnings regarding to 4.5.7 “do not install”, so I would be a little bit reserved in upgrading from 4.5.6. Some users reported 4.5.7 as being no more than an “alpha version”.

I’m running 4.5.7 for days and all works nice for me. But since it downgrades OpenWrt, you are advised not to keep your settings.

4.5.7 is now officially released as a stable version.

Why is a downgrade si how is this affecting the performance and stability?
Anyway, not to keep previous setting is not nice at all.
Any problems detected?!

Because of the Wi-Fi driver which is only available for older OpenWrt versions.

Ok, this is about Flint 2. But what about the rest of the routers (I have a bunch of them) which have some other problems presented in the beginning of this post, any idea how to solve them? Or we should wait until every other FW is downgraded in order to stabilise them and work properly?