BLE on E750?

According to the datasheet, the Mudi E750 has a Siliconlabs EFR32MG21 BLE module onboard. Is this a mistake?

I don’t know about this model. But I would ssh into the box and verify it

Built-in BLE Module:


The BLE Module of E750 is optional feature that corresponds to two versions. E750 V1 support it, but E750 V2 does not support.
Built-in BLE Module: Siliconlabs EFR32MG21.

Thanks! I cannot seem to find for sale a version that has the BLE. Do you have a suggestion what I should search for?

Hi ar750s_user,

Sorry, the BLE module of Mudi E750 V1 needs to be customized and is not included by default.

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