Block all traffic without Tor


Is it possible to block all traffic without Tor? If so, how? Also, is there any way to update built-in Tor?

I would assume that all traffic will be routed through Tor anyway?
Or do you experience any traffic leak?

It will, but I suspect some traffic (like DNS or similar) can leak. So I want to implement kill switch. Or I am too paranoid here?

After running Tor successfully, use tcpdump to sniff packets for about 30 minutes and check it for any leaks.

I think a well configured Tor should router all your traffic through it including dns.

It is Tor from GL. The one built it firmware

Looks like no leaks. But what will happen if processes suddenly stop?

Yes I know that. However without rigorous testing we don’t know if there are some leaks or not.

What do you mean by processes in this context ?

UPDATE: do you mean if the TOR process has stopped?

Yeah. Exactly! I afraid of being leaked only because of that

First of all, I do not recommend using TOR unless for you have very specific scenarios as it is very slow. Not to mention that it has its own flaws unless you do some extra precautions!

Back to your question: you need to implement something like “a Kill switch” for TOR. I know that Linux TAILS has it; I think you need to do a lot of configurations (and technical knowledge) to clone it on Openwrt.

For example?

But more secure in case of to be more untraceable. And for some reason I don’t think 3MB/s is slow (only in one exact situation)

P.S: I want to make my camera available via .onion as I am too greedy to buy real domain

For example, if you use TOR and then visit a particular website, they can identify you through the browser’s user-agent, monitor resolution, time zone, Font, platform …etc.
visit these websites to see examples of things that can identify you:

If you use TOR browser these identifiers are taken care of! However, on the modem TOR is used as a SOCKS proxy to be to tunnel all traffic - not only web!

I do not know how to do it. You may need to Google it.

No no. I need regular change of IP. For total privacy I use tor browser

That’s what I need

I know. That’s why I asked this

That is the most weird reason to use Tor I ever heard.
Go with DynDNS instead.

This is not reason for using Tor. I wanna to use Tor on router to make that link accessible to other devices. And it works fine. I just want to be sure that Tor won’t suddenly stop to reveal my real IP…