Block device(s) on main/subnode mesh

Would it be possible to block a device on a router in mesh configuration?
I have an external Homekit camera which is within the range of the 2 routers (B1300). It works perfectly when it is connected to one of the routers but it does not work when it is connected to the other. The problem is that it happens that it connects to the second (because I restart the router for example or the camera reboots or other …) which is limited in range and therefore prevents the video stream. But the camera doesn’t then try to reconnect to the router which has a closer wifi afterwards because it is connected (weakly) to the first router.

If we could block devices on some routers in mesh configuration this could solve the problem.
(like a “Mesh policies” maybe)
an opinion ?

I don’t think there is a way to do it now.

I have a camera working like this as well. Seems the camera locks BSSID it connects to and does not pick up better signal.

Yes, the problem is what you describe. The camera does not try to connect to a better signal from the wifi network if it is already connected to another one.
Too bad… it would be enough to have a possibility to force the redirection of a client to a sub node mesh for example or to block the wifi connection of a device on some routers.