Block website at router level on GL-AR750S-Ext

I’m having an issue with mindlessly surfing the web during work hours. I’d like to block access to certain websites (e.g. to anyone connected to the web via the Slate router (which is only me via my work laptop)

Unfortunately, since it is my work laptop, I don’t have admin privileges and can’t edit the hosts file, install browser extensions etc. The only option is to filter the URLs at router level.

Is this possible on the Slate router? I’d prefer a solution on the stock firmware. Thanks!

I use adblock and banIP to block several hundreds of thousands of sites (on a MV1000). But I can’t tell if it could work on your model.

Unfortunately AdBlock isn’t supported on the stock firmware for the Slate nor is banIP (I think) :frowning:

No? Have you tried to install Luci, then luci-adblock (which I think installs adblock too), and then define your adblock list and private blocklist. That works on my Beryl and Mango.

From my understanding Luci is an alternate firmware for the router? Is there an installation guide for the Slate avaialbe?

Not an alternate firmware, more like an addition. I think of these routers as running openwrt at heart. The Gl-inet interface I think of as a “skin”: a very convenient way of configuring openwrt.

The configuration of openwrt is done through uci (universal configuration interface), and luci is a web-based way of accessing uci. So Luci is a way of doing things that the GL-Inet interface may not be configured to do.

If you search here you will find configuration guides, but basically you start with the Gl-Inet interface, and under Applications|Plugins, refresh the list, then search for luci. Install it. Then go down to More Settings|Advanced, and from there log in to luci (root+ same password). Pull down tabs include “Software”, and from there you can install adblock and luci-adblock (which is a luci interface for configuring adblock). Then you will have an adblock tab, with ways to configure adblock.

Thanks for the clarification, that’s really helped. I followed your instructions and see two packages, “AdGuardHome” and “adblock”. Which one would you say is the better choice / better supported / more compatible?

I’m using adblock. The other, I forget why not.