Block youtube ads

even after enabling ADGuardHome(AGH), I still come across ads in youtube.
is this expected or is something wrong with my AGH? thanks

AdGuard Home is only as good as the lists you use…

But I don’t think dns-based blocking is effective at blocking all YouTube ads.

Your best bet is to use apps which actively block ads:

YouTube Vanced for Android Phones,
SmartTubeNext for android-based smart TV boxes (ie. Amazon FireTV), and,
Numerous add-ons for different desktop browsers.

Don’t know of any blockers which stop YouTube ads on Roku, iOS devices (including Apple TV). For those devices the best way is to pay for YouTube Premium.

thanks. If Pihole can block, just wondering why not ADG?

Pi-Hole can’t block YouTube in-video ads, to my knowledge. There are some browser extensions which can. Pi-Hole generally uses the same blocking lists as AGH.