Blocking Ad using Pi-Hole On Brume

Except for AdGuard, you can put Pi-Hole on Brume. Here is how.

Pi-Hole or AdGuard on Brume? Pls try and judge by yoursefl.

First, you need to change the system to ubuntu from OpenWrt.

Then install Pi-Hole.

Note the guide didn’t cover DHCP settings. If you cannot set up DHCP in Pi-Hole you may need to use Static IP in all the devices connected to Brume.

Didnt work for me…
After switching to ubuntu and rebooting, there is only ssh left to the router. No LAN / No WAN.
Hard to get pihole like that… :slight_smile:
IP is static…

Propably gonna return the mv-1000 since its not as easy to use as advertised. Get rid of unstable Raspberrys with pihole was the aim, not to aquire an not even working version… :slight_smile:

You probably have an issue with your connections or didn’t follow the Ubuntu install guide properly, works fine for me.

Can you just use openwrt wi th adguard?

We have the firmware ready.

Yeah that too, Adguard is superior to PiHole as you can block not just IP’s but also hostnames and wildcards.

This list is an amalgamation of the most popular blocking lists on the web, without blocking actual services: