Bluetooth configure router

I use beryl.

I love it.

VPN is required for my use.

I use Mullvad- it works 80% of the time.

My problem is this:

The VPN needs to be reset, it is not connecting. Sometimes this happens, and I need to change VPN server/location.

I am away from my router, so I cannot connect remote.

I can remote into my phone, but I can’t configure the router from my phone because if I switch phone to wifi and connect to router, I lose the remote because it will no longer be connected to internet.

The solution would be if I used the glinet app and had the ability to connect to the router and configure via BLUETOOTH.


You may want to look at a USB/Lightning to ethernet adaptor if bluetooth configuration is not possible.

I picked up an ethernet adaptor for an Ipad that included a usb port and power-in that works with the Iphones too.

For android, a USB docking station with ethernet may keep you charged or a powered USB hub and USB ethernet adaptor may work.

Check ethernet compatibility with the chip and mobile device, but the Ipad ethernet adaptor was just plug-and-play.

Bind the router to Goodcloud, enable remote ssh and web.

Choose not to use vpn for GL.iNet services.

Then manage from Goodcloud.

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