Bluetooth iot/smart devices on GL.iNet GL-S1300 (Convexa-S) Mesh

Anyone has first hand experience setting up bluetooth smart devices with this router? Thanks.

Currently I am testing some Zigbee devices on S1300. We are still working on the sdk.

BLE is simpler but difficult to find sensor and devices.

Thanks, do we need to buy separate module for zigbee?

We have ble downlights so should work with S1300? Thanks

It the light BLE protocol is open, then it should not be a problem

How do we validate if the protocol is opened?

Also do we need to buy additional module to use zigbee? Thanks

Yes you are right. Inside S1300 there is a BLE module only. Another Zigbee module should be installed separately.

We are working on a lot of zigbee sensors now.


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Ah nice so we need to buy separate module for zigbee? Also can we have both ble and zigbee in a mesh unit or need to choose one? Thanks

S1300 can install a BLE and a Zigbee module at the same time.

Nice, may i know how much for zigbee module? Or will u guys send one for free to loyal customers? :stuck_out_tongue:


You can use standard zigbee 3.0 devices on the market. Price depends on what kind of sensors you need.

We still do not have sensor so nothing we can send for free.

If you ask for the module inside the router, it may not be expensive. But now we do not sell it, until we have the SDK works good.

Thanks, i got the unit now.

Managed to connect to vpn via wireguard so that’s a big plus.

Can’t have tuya and smart things app to recognize the unit as a Bluetooth gateway. Can help out? Thanks

Tuya app only recognize their own gateway.

So what app should i use to have S1300 to be a ble gateway? Thanks