Bluetooth on GL-MT1300 (Beryl)

On the gl.inet website I found that this router contains Bluetooth

I started looking for more and found information on fccid about it:

Could someone direct me how can I use this module?

You should be able to use this:

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Are you sure this router is supported by this product? Beryl is not listed on the project website.

Give it a try, I haven’t tested it but it should work. I think the github readme just hasn’t been updated.

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It is not in the repository

Ah, looks like the packages haven’t been included in the 3.201 firmware yet :frowning:

You will need to wait, sorry :frowning:

BLE is primary used to configure the router for the first time.

As the smartphone app to configure MT1300 is not ready, this feature is not advertised.

Of course it can work with the bletool.


Are you sure? I think we should focus on the optimization of USB 3.0! The network speed of my plug-in EP06 4G module is not ideal. 2ca doesn’t seem to be suitable for my country. There is no problem with the driver, but the delay is very high. The mobile device here supports 4G on a single frequency+

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Could you tell us what do you think when the bletool will be in the repository and the bluetooth router configuration application will appear?

We have a long new year holiday now. So hopefully everything can be normal in Feb 20s.

Is there something already known?

Just confirmed, MT1300’s BLE is only used to configure the router using the smartphone app. It will not be able to work with the bletool.

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@alzhao That’s what it seemed to me. On github I saw that gl_bletool supports only Silconlabs EFR32 BLE. While the MT1300 beryl has TLSR8251.

@alzhao Could you please guide me on how to use Bluetooth on MT1300? I saw that the thermometer from xiaomi uses the same chipset but it did not help me. I tried to use the BlueZ and serial but it didn’t work for me.

We will release our new app quite soon. So you will have the app, scan and you will find MT1300. You can configure SSID, key etc via BLE. This is how it is used.

It does not do other IoT stuff now.

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I understand. Will this application be opensource? If so, on the basis of this application I could create my own which will be used for their own purposes.

Is this implemented yet?

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I think so. You can use app to configure MT1300 via bluetooth.

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