Boot from USB

Hi, guys.

Has anybody tried to boot router from USB? I see that it is possible with dd-wrt firmware. I would love to try it on my Gl-mt300n-v2 router. But don’t know where to start.

Just curious - why do you want to?

Hi, nopro404.

I like to play with my devices and sometimes i break them. Trying different firmware’s and install new things. And instead of re-flashing from uboot, it would be faster try new things from USB.

Well the method used in the post you linked of booting the internal firmware and switching root to the usb should work on these devices as well.

He’s not really booting from USB though. It boots from internal firmware and then switches to USB using the larger Mega image that was built with same kernel, modules, and toolchain of the internal flashed image.

If you are out of space you can use opkg to install packages on USB.

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I googled ‘boot openwrt router from USB’ and there were quite a links listed.

Here is one: ESPRESSObin Wiki | Boot from removable storage - OpenWrt

I hope you will share your results with us. Reading some of the articles and thinking about what you are trying to do - it sounds interesting to me.

This might work for you: