Brand new Brume 2 bricked off the bat?


So I got my Brume 2 and just decided to change the IP address to the subnet I need. After that I tried to access it again through the new IP and nothing. I am now trying to get to Uboot, but it doesn’t seem to work either as I can’t ping the Uboot IP.

I’m following the steps on a YouTube video that shows all the steps for all models, but Brume 2 is newer than the video, so I’m following steps for Brume 1.

Can someone confirm if I just need to get this unit replaced or if there’s a way to revive it?

If you hold the reset button down for 10 seconds it should reset the device to original factory settings.

Brume 2 uboot:

Make sure you are using the LAN 1 gigabit ethernet port (should also be connected before power up) only have one ethernet port connected

Hold and while holding reset button power the device.

(Its tempting to do but you should not pull the usb-c from the back of the device but should disconnect power from the wall outlet first, failure to do so could short out the device)

This is the 4.x guide to uboot(still needs to be updated for MT-2500)