Brandname and model types

Just to see if i’m correct:

GLiNet is the brandname

Model types are 6416A, AR150, AR300

But then there is Domino… I have seen some confusion about this on the OpenWRT forum and I’m not sure myself

Is Domino a brand name in itself?

Brand: Domino
Model types: Domino Pi, Domino Core, etc.

Or is Domino more like a sub section within the GLiNet Brand?

Also because I now see images of the AR150 with Domino written on the enclosure.

and to be complete What is the preferred way to write GLiNet?

Would be nice to have some insight in this, so i can get this right in the OpenWRT wiki.
I hope I don’t have to change anything, but if something should be corrected then please let me know.

Maybe it doesn’t matter at all, and that would also be a helpful answer in itself. (Then I can just leave things as they are, but then it is all clear for the future.)

Thanks. Here is the thing:

First we created one router called GL.iNet (brand name). The model name is GL.iNet 6416.

The we created “Domino” (the brand name). Domino is open hardware and open source.

When we have more and more models. We change all the new models to a new brand name, “GLI”, as all of our users ask us: how to pronounce “GL.iNet”. Model name are called: GL-AR150, GL-AR300, GL-M9331-Plus etc.

Ok, then I’ll correct this in the OpenWRT ToH.