Bricked A1300

Dear support/anyone,

I just purchased a Slate Plus, successfully installed the latest OpenWRT snapshot, changed a few things in /etc/wireless and /etc/network to get it connected to internet, and now I cannot access it anymore. I might have misspelled the ip address, I cannot say exactly what happened.

I tried to restore a working firmware from the uboot following this guide Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs. I reached point 4 of the guide (I think) and the front led was blinking fast, but I cannot access the uboot web UI. I tried both with and (setting the ip address of my pc respectively to and - using linux). Any idea how can I get it working again?

Thanks for the help.

In uboot the light should flash and then go solid…

Thanks for your reply. It worked! I had to wait a little longer before releasing the reset button I guess… It blinks five times, once it gone solid I released. I am not sure what is the pattern next, I think it firstly blinked fast, than gone solid once the web UI was available, then it started blinking fast again during the firmware upgrade. I could flash the stock GL.Inet firmware.

The default IP address is indeed

Nice to know there is a way to fix it next time I will do something wrong.

I have the same problem (A1300), and it looks like I can get into Uboot by holding reset while powering on, LED flashes slowly 5 times, and then flashes fast (about 2x per second) so I release the reset button. Should it flash fast when into Uboot?
But I cannot reach, and it’s also not pingable. Only one cable connected to LAN (or WAN, makes no difference), macbook’s IP set to
Please advise

I think you need to release the button before it starts blinking fast