Bricked AR300M, how to restore?

Just want to add for others. If its in a non booting state sometimes uboot on the AR300M will reboot and try to TFTP an image. If you do not have a serial connection, fire up Wireshark and look at the network traffic of the device. You may see it requesting an image file. You can unbrick it by setting up a TFTP server and serving the image file it is requesting. It will flash it and reboot and you’ll be back in business.

This is only if you do not have the WebUI of Uboot or a netconsole or any other nicer method.

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You probably should not have done this…

The AR’s are almost unbrickable unless one has messed around with uBoot and the mappings there.

Might need a serial cable and a soldering iron…

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Oh, probably that’s my way!

I would be greatful, if someone provide me those TFTP an image

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This is like what I see.

No way, it looks like is it in loop !

I can’t enter in anyway…

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Hi Guyz,

Hoping someone help me to fix that prob.

I’m going to share my led situation , it looks like in loopmode

Here link :

Please replay me :wink:

ps @Entropy512

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Have you tried uart?

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I restart the procedure…
1- safeboot - both led are in stop mode (green & red) on

2 Set your computer’s IP address to

  1. no IP doesn’t appare
  2. I’m LOOCKED

Checked your video, seems your uboot has problems.

Can you pls check your flash model and give back the md5 of uboot binary you flashed?

Seems it will be difficult to repair if you don’t have experience.

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Sorry but I haven’t experience !

So basically I have to throw away ?

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you can contact customer service to get an exchange. It is much easier.

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you are the best ever geek I knew

kissis :slight_smile: