Bricked GL-AR150 with "clean" firmaware

I installed the “clean” firmware for the GL-AR150 from the firmware download section on the website.


using the uboot procedure. this went fine and afterwards i configured a wifi network using the webinterface and when the device rebooted i couldn’t connect to the router anymore. the ethernet ports are shown as inactive in my mac configuration while the configured wifi doesn’t show up in the list of available wifi networks on my mac.

after pressing the reset button didn’t do any good I decided to flashg the firmware again using uboot but the blinking sequence was changed and holding the reset button for 10 seconds on power up does not activate the uboot anymore. seems like the firmware update changed the bootloader.

i’m stuck and need help.

clean firmware won’t change u-boot. What’s led now? Would you please connect a serial port to debug?

thanks for your reply. i’m using a different power adapter now and get the default led blinking behavior. apparently the other power adapter didn’t give the device the correct voltage or not enough current.