Bricked GL-PULI

I was trying to flash ROOTer firmware to my PULI. I flash the “factory” version via web GUI. It didn’t boot up. So, I try to get into UBoot. I don’t seem to be able to bring up uboot. I press the reset and then power button. The LAN light flashes 5 times and then wifi lights turns on. At this moment, I hook up ethernet cable to LAN port and set my computer IP to However, it is not receiving any packets from the router and I can’t bring up the UBoot. Not sure what happened. Did the ROOTer firmware purge the uboot? What’s my option to recover right now?

The uboot seems fine.

You should connect the Ethernet before you power on the router. It is too late to connect Etherent when you see LED flashes.

I connect the cable before I turn it on and solved the issue.