Bricked Mudi

I bought a used Mudi. It had the usb/ethernet adapter, but I have a bunch of usb/ethernet adapters already, so I didn’t keep it, not sure if I lost it or what.

I realized later Mudi won’t accept normal usb adapter with Ethernet and separate power, only special mudi adapter

i then use wifi to get into mudi and use it. i changed default network names and passwords.

then mudi stopped working. the display shows the name of the default network (not the changed one) for 2.4 and shows the correct name for 5. I am unable to access either. Neither show under normal networks and won’t let me connect to them as hidden either.

Now I can’t access the web portal, can’t SSH in, and can’t connect via wifi. I tried to press the reset button to get it to work, but it just asks me to connect to

i wish someone had told me that i lose the little adapter it could brick mudi. can i flash with the SD drive?

i am very disappointed so far in mudi.

You should reset the route while it is booted, i.e. when the UI displays the normal system status, as you said, displaying the 2.4G ssid.
Just hold the reset for 10 seconds and release, watch the screen display.

When you see it seems that you are using uboot failsafe, not a normal reset.

To be honest I had 3 times the problem with my mudi, and I too lost / threw away the Ethernet adapter. The only thing I could do was reset and redo all my settings -the 2nd time I did a backup of the settings so I reused them when it got inaccessible again.
So… never rely on this thing too hardly, I’d say. Also I don’t instal any plug-in anymore… which defeats the purpose of this router, actually