Bricked Slate

So… In my quest to figure out channel bonding or to the layman, 2 internet connections 1 router, I managed to brick my Slate and to save anyone else doing the same I decided to share how I did it.

LuCi is dangerous. Let’s just get that out there. It doesn’t care what you do within the settings and offers ZERO warnings of potential bricks by misconfiguring. If you don’t have any experience with LuCi then it is advised to leave stuff alone or it will be an expensive mistake.

When you use LuCi you can see all of the connections it allows under the network/Internet section… “DO NOT PUT ALL CONNECTIONS INTO ONE GROUP”. That is either in the current boxes or in one you create. It bricks the device as soon as you save and although it offers a rollback the rollback fails. The router still boots internally but all the connections are dead. Reset button DOESN’T work. I have basically cut off it’s eyes, ears and nose. It is conscious but cannot communicate.

Before anyone calls me a feckin eejit I have to be clear that I was aware of the risk and it was all in an experiment to figure out something that there is little information on in the hope of being able to teach if successful.

I have ordered myself a beryl to brick… Let’s see how long it takes me… If anyone would like to have the slate to see if they can recover it then PM me but you will need soldering and flashing skills as I believe the only way to fix is via a tsop flash or similar. Hardware wise the unit is perfect. Software is severely borked. It will be free of charge and postage if anyone wants it for a weekend project.

It would be nice if there was a safety system built in where if the code would equal conflicts then a warning appears OR better still, it refuses flat out to co-operate.

We live, we learn.

Thanks for sharing.

Actually Slate has the best luci compability.

If you have screenshot to help understand that will be very helpful.

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The only screenshot will be of an actual house brick… :rofl:

Trust me… She’s a gonner unless someone can tsop it.

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When you say reset button does not work, do you mean it’s unable to reset the device, or that it does not work at all, and thus you can’t access uboot either?

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The reset button works to some extent. It seems to reset but it doesn’t seem to set everything back to default. It just does the regular resetting flashes with the lights. I think there might be a difference between “reset” and “revert firmware to stock” with these devices.

The device is inaccessible. It will assign IP addresses etc but you cannot login to the device as it doesn’t seem to have its own IP address to contact even though it does. It just doesn’t hear the request.

If you want to play with it just pm me your home address and I’ll send it to you. If you fix it you get a free slate. If not you get a bin filler.

Have you tried a uboot firmware reload?

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