Bridge LAN and WAN/OpenVPN

My setup is as follows:

  1. My primary router with Internet access,, has a bunch of clients connected. Standard home Internet setup.
  2. Because I need one of the clients to access Internet only via VPN, I have a GL-AR300M connected to the network. It gets from the primary router that is its WAN + it is set up with and issues 192.168.8.x addresses to its clients.
  3. The GL-AR300M ( connects to Openvpn and creates a safe tunnel to the Internet for its clients. So far everything works well.
  4. Here’s the challenge: I want the 192.168.8.x clients to be able to access my primary LAN 192.168.1.x clients. So, for example, I want to access Internet only via OpenVPN but to access DIRECTLY.

I have a feeling that the solution lies within the area of bridging interfaces and setting up firewalls correctly. My research on this forum and elsewhere, however, has not born fruit.

Can anybody help with a solution?

You need to use vpn policies,

Use domain/ip based and execlude network from vpn

That works. Simple and easy. Many thanks for the advice!!