Bridge mode for both routers - VPN server and VPN client


I would like to connect to my home network from a remote location using the wireguard VPN or site to site feature.

But I already have routers provided by the ISP at both locations, and they don’t support bridge mode. Therefore, I will need to enable bridge mode on both of the GL iNet routers (at home and at remote location).

Will wireguard VPN or site to site feature still work when VPN server and VPN client are both set to bridge mode?


Your glinet routers must be in default repeater mode for VPN functionality.

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It is not necessary to bridge the GL.iNet routers. You can move all your LAN devices behind the GL.iNet routers and they should work with double-NAT. Make sure your ISP routers allow you to add port forwarding.

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Great, thanks for your help