Bridge mode for GL.iNet Mango GL-MT300N-V2

It would seem very simple to activate bridge mode.
The user guide (page 12) says to put the switch button on the right. But, by default, the switch button has no function and you must enable Mode switch.
Nowhere in settings, you find to change “Default” to "Mode Switch)…

How to enable this button for bridge mode?

What is your firmware version?
If you can use the 2.x version of the firmware, you can go to the web page to set it up.

I use the new and last firmware 3.025, and I did’nt find the “Switch button configuration”…
Was this last update (3.025) really better?

The 3.x version firmware cannot enable this button for bridge mode。

Yes I have already seen the button settings, exactly without the bridge mode.
So ? Thanks to the firmware update (3.025), the bridge mode does’nt exist anymore ?
Where can I the old firmware 2.x?
Or, prerelease 3.026 is better than 3.025…

Well, somebody has given me the solution!
So, you can not manage anymore the button, thank to the new firmware 3.x :frowning:

The other solution is :slight_smile:
Go to the admin panel
Choose more settings
then Network, mode
and Access point.

Thanks to!!! :+1::+1::+1: