Bringing up the Opal SFT1200 kernel to the latest kernel-lts supported

The Opal SFT1200 is a beautiful device, decent specifications but let down by the kernel version and the Openwrt forked base.

Kernel 4.14 is still supported:

There is nothing to stop Siflower merging the commits from the current linux-4.14.339 kernel into their 18.06 SDK:

Yes there is over 700,000 commits, but when you realise most of Siflower’s proprietary files are separate to the mainline kernel they forked from, it’s more a case of does the kernel build and can it be used to strengthen the SFT1200 and the SF1200.

So I’m currently building the latest 4.14 kernel with the 700,000 commits to see if it boots.
After this, I’m interested in moving the Openwrt forked base build from 18.06.5 to 19.07.10 as this support the 4.14 kernel.
If anyone is interested in this, you can find me on github.

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git clone
cd 1806_SDK
cd linux-4.14.90-dev/linux-4.14.90
git remote add kernel-lts
git fetch kernel-lts
git merge v4.14.342-openela --allow-unrelated-histories
git config merge.tool vimdiff
git mergetool -y
git commit

Off to see if this builds

anyone got instructions on how to build the uboot?

kernel compiled fine, currently running on my sft1200.
am I allowed to build gl.inet firmware for myself?

Found the gl-infra-builder on github, just building Openwrt without anything gl.inet included.

checking out v18.06.9