Broke the Micro-USB in my Creta (AR750), repair questions

So after (far too) many airplane trips, I’ve broken the USB power jack on my Creta. I’ll open it up once I get home, but I’m assuming the port itself has become unsoldered from the board.

What I was thinking about was cutting a USB “B” cable and wiring the jack that way (i.e, just have a few inches of USB cable sticking out the hole/case and plug that into my travel battery).

Question, is the Creta a USB-power-only device? IOW, it’s not OTG or anything, right? I only need to solder the two power wires on in order for it to power up?

(Even though I’ve got a USB-300, two Slates and an AR-300M I could replace it with when flying I’m loath to just junk this one, the GL-iNet devs signed it (in Chinese) when they came to Silicon Valley a few years back so it’s kinda special :slight_smile: )

I did not have good luck disassembling mine and having it go back together properly. I’m not sure if yours (like mine) was one of the PoE models, but if so you could always power it that way.

I’ll let someone with actual knowledge confirm, but I think you could just solder the power in (if you’re good enough to do that - I’m not!) and it should work.

I had the same thing happen to my old one last year. One of the feet on the usb plug broke right above the solder joint. I tried adding more solder to bridge the gap but I could never get it to work reliably after that.

I think your idea of replacing the plug with a cable pig-tail might work better. Please let us know how it works.

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