Brume 2 as a Tailscale exit node

Thanks for sharing this. Set 2x Slate AXT1800s as tailscale exit nodes yesterday and both are working great so far. The only real difference in setup was that the line to edit was line 223 of 224. I also didn’t have to change any IP forwarding settings.

Both Slates are in different countries so this means that I can easily access local internet in the other country as I travel back and forth. I normally connect directly via WireGuard on my devices, but this is much more convenient when streaming content on my Apple TVs.

Has anyone noticed any issues running this over the past few months?

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I’ve not had any problem. You’re right that it seems you no longer have to change firewall settings. That was addressed in a firmware update.

Apparently this doesn't work anymore?

Someone just showed me their /usr/bin/gl_tailscale file and I'm not seeing the /usr/sbin/tailscale up --reset $param --timeout 3s command anymore within the file.

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