Brume 2 as bridged router

I want to use the Brume 2 only for its WireGuard server/client and AdGuard Home capabilities.
I plan on getting the TP-Link X75 mesh wireless which does not have the WireGuard or AdGuard.
If I connect the Brume as « Bridged » to my modem and connect the Brume’s LAN port to the TP-Link’s WAN port will all the clients traffic of my network be going through AdGuard and will I be able to remotely connect to my home network?
Of course TP-Link will be handling DHCP and AdGuard the DNS
In the meantime, could this be achieved with my existing Beryl GL-MT3000? (Can’t see any bridging option anywhere on the Beryl’s web admin)

Do you want brume to work in bridge mode? It should work in router mode to fulfill your requirements, as both functions depend on NAT and DNS

Yes, I wanted to use the Brume only for the AdGuard and VPN server.
if I put it in front of my main router (Wirekess Mesh) the clients on my network won’t be able to reach it.

I think you should put brume in front of the wirekess mesh, in which case both AdGuardHome and VPN are in effect.

If I do that, how will the traffic from my wireless clients in my network be able to reach the Brume?

Traffic will always be send to front router, so it will always reach brume2.