Brume 2 bricked for no apparent reason. Cannot access Uboot

I am trying to use the Brume 2 as a WireGuard Server. In the process of doing this and changing IP addresses, I seem to have bricked the device. After multiple unsuccessful attempts (about an hour of trying again and again), I was able to get to Uboot and update the firmware and get Brume 2 up and running again.
Then, once again after attempting to set up WireGuard Server, the device seems to have gotten bricked. I’ve tried many many times now and I can’t unbrick it using the unbrick (Uboot) instructions. The device simply will not respond.
I think I need a warranty replacement as the device I have is flaky.
Thanks in advance.

They really need a fail-safe to reset misconfigurations if not confirmed after a period of time, OpenWrt has this. Bugs happen, maybe more than they should here - it’s the least they can do to save us a lot of time…

When you got it back to work, can you export the log and check if there is any crash logs?

After the first time it bricked and I was able to reset it and flash the latest update, I did not look at the logs. I was just happy to have it working again.

Now… I cannot unbrick it, so there is no possibility of looking at any logs.

I finally got it to reboot (Uboot), but the crash logs were empty.
The Power LED keeps blinking (blue) continually, even after I do the initial Web-access setup (Language, Timezone, etc.).
I’ve written separately to since I have not been getting any traction with this forum. I think there is something seriously wrong with my unit and a factory replacement is necessary.

Thanks, roy.

Flashing blue means that the router cannot detect internet via ping.

Do you really have Internet?