Brume 2 config lost after firmware upgrade to 4.4.5

Hi, I upgraded my Brume 2 to 4.4.5 and I partially lost my configuration.

I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if this is an expected behavior.

I installed some extra packages like banIP, Snort, ACME Certs, luci-statistics, mwan and all were removed, having to install them again and made some extra config

I also need to know if there’s a safe place to store own python scripts to avoid deletion on next upgrade.


Please select “Keep Settings” to upgrade.

It should be noted that the reserved settings can retain the settings of the firmware’s built-in modules after the upgrade, and the additionally installed software packages will also be kept in the user software package list. After the upgrade, it will be automatically installed successfully and connected to the Internet. Settings from installed packages cannot be preserved. It is recommended to create a gitlab project or github project to store your own developed scripts.

Thanks, but upgrade was made from the pop-up window and didn’t noticed to have a Keep Settings option on it.

To be clear, all the extra installed packages I installed before were removed and not installed again.

Configuration for most of them worked after reinstalling. ACME was working ok, mwan too and my custom script to get alerts when device changes wan was there, banIP worked too (seems /etc/ was kept, that was the reason to ask if there’s another safe place for my scripts).

But luci-statistics didn’t worked and need reconfiguration, this package stores everything in /tmp by default, so makes sense this happened.