Brume 2 drop in gateway setup help!

Hey guys!! I’m in need of some help!! I am trying to but GliNet Brume 2 before my router (netgear nighthawk ax5400) as a gateway and have vpn/adguard setup!

Since I need to disable DHCP on my netgear in order for this to work, or change DHCP server to my IP of my brume 2. Few issues. Idk how to change DHCP server… second… can’t turn off dhcp in AP mode.

Well. I turned off dhcp on router, but brume doesn’t say that it’s actually off so I was going to set the dhcp server.

Had to reset router twice lol because I turned off dhcp and could not re connect. Long story short spent a few hours trying to set this up and very frustrated now!

Please help loL!!