Brume 2 First Setup - No Ethernet

Hi there,

I have no Ethernet at the moment but need to setup the Brume 2 to my Tim Hub (Italian ISP Provider).

However I do own a Beryl AX which I use for travel. I was wondering:

  1. If I connect the Beryl AX as an AP to the Tim Hub and the Brume 2 to the Beryl X, would that allow me to connect for a setup? If not, is there another way?

  2. Are there any instructions on how to change the Network IP on the Tim Hub ( Modem TIM Hub+ | TIM ) so I can access the Brume 2?

Just trying to resolve this over the weekend as Amazon delivers only on Monday for an ethernet connector.

No need to use AP mode for Beryl. You can simply connect it, without choosing a mode - should work out-of-the-box.

Top thanks. And how can I access the Brume's Admin Panel? as it's sharing the same gateway as the Beryl

You will need to change the IP range of the Beryl.

And you need to use the LAN port of the Brume. It will cause trouble, but for first and fast setup it should work, I guess.

Ok. So brume needs to be lan to lan?

Yep. LAN - LAN.

This will create some really terrible DHCP issues, but it should make you able to reach the Brume.
Maybe you need to set your own device (like your laptop) to a static IP from Brumes default network.

All in all you need to try a bit around, but it should work.

You could try to use AP mode on your Beryl and plug it into LAN of Brume without Internet. Should be good enough for first setup as well.

I managed to connect LAN to LAN. Thank you!

Just to make sure no misunderstanding is happening: This is only for the first setup. You need to revert it later, because of the issues.