Brume 2 issues with getting vpn to 2nd Router

Hi I just bought my first product the Brume 2. I currently have it placed behind my main wifi router.
I’m new to networking so I will explain this the best I can.

I have my isp modem Ethernet coming out and going into the Brume 2 WAN port.

Then out of the Brume LAN port goes into my wifi router which then controls my main network.(desktop pc’s etc) (router is a nighthawk AX8 RAX70)

I setup Adguard and WireGuard and can successfully access the brume 2 outside the network. But just the brume 2 I cannot even get to the routers settings panel.

My main goal is to Remote Desktop to my main pc from other networks.

Any help is appreciated thank tou

Make sure to read this: Use Wireguard to secure RDP from outside network - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

It looks like you connected the LAN port of the Brume 2 to the WAN port of your wireless router which is firewalled. If so, then you would need to open port-forwarding on the wireless router for the remote desktop session to get through it.

Example, if it's a Windows Pro edition remote desktop computer, then setup a DHCP reservation on your wireless router for the remote desktop computer so it always receives the same IP address. Then on the wireless router, setup port-forwarding for TCP port 3389 to go to the remote desktop computer's reserved DHCP IP address. Now when you are connected to the Brume 2's VPN, the remote desktop computer should be accessable via the Windows remote desktop software.

To get to the admin GUI of the wireless router over the Brume 2 VPN, then if your wireless router supports remote admin access (some don't like my NetGear Orbi router), then turn on the remote admin feature and you should be able to access the wireless routers GUI via its WAN IP address over the VPN which the Brume 2 assigned to it, and you could even DHCP reserve the wireless routers WAN IP on the Brume 2 if you want to.

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You should use the WAN port of the Brume2 to connect to your LAN. Ignore the lan port if you are just using Brume2 as a VPN server. You will want to allow access to https UI via WAN before you make this change.