Brume 2 (MT2500) 4.5.0 VPN keeps disconnecting


After upgrading to 4.5.0, my OpenVPN client keeps disconnecting after a while. The problem is simply the VPN client queries the OpenVPN provided resolver, not the resolver from Ethernet. More details:

  • I am running Brume 2 in drop-in gateway mode
  • The DNS servers from parent rounter are and
  • After the status icon for ovpn client turns yellow, simply stopping the and running the client solves the problem (i.e the client now queries the DNS resolver from Ethernet for the initial connection)
  • Although it’s not effective, I have the options “Block All Non-VPN traffic” and “Services from GLiNet use VPN” checked
  • Unrelated, but I have NFS server installed

Here are the logs. They expire after a week: system logs and dmesg

Unrelated, I can also see some of these issues in the logs Flint AX1800 4.5.0 many kmod packages missing