Brume 2 Parental Control allowing DNS requests through

Hi All

Have a Brume 2 with Firmware V4.50.

I have placed some IoT devices in a group with the Parent Control Application. I have the group configured with the Ruleset - Block Internet Access. These devices are connected to my Wifi AP’s which are hardwired back to my Brume 2 via a switch. I’m using an encrypted DNS server with another provider (via CLI on Brume 2) and I can see in the logs some of the IoT devices are still sending DNS requests to their manufacturer’s servers. I assumed having these devices in the group would block internet access totally? It’s a strange one because if I put my iPhone in the same group as a test I cannot access the internet.
Any feedback appreciated.

You can try turning off hardware acceleration in your network menu.

Yes have tried that already and unfortunately it doesn’t make any difference.