Brume 2 slower than Brume 1

I bought the Brume 2 MT2500 2 weeks ago, to replace the old Brume, but it’s slower using a Wireguard client to the same VPN.
Old Brume chugged along everyday for a few years at 125 down and 20 up.
Brume 2 only manages 90 down and 20 up, why is this?
The Brume 2 seems capped at 90 down, tried multiple wireguard config files, changed DNS, no matter what I try, it won’t go above 90 down.
I can live with 90 down, I was just expecting the same at least as the old Brume, not worse.
My ISP is 140 down, 21 up.
Also makes no difference with Wireguard server on or off.

Brume 2 using Wireguard…

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With such slow connections, certain fluctuations are completely normal.

Whether you get 90 or 125 Mbps down doesn’t really matter in the end. These can be daily fluctuations or utilization of the network segment.

In order to have reliable data here, you would have to repeat the speed test regularly - always with the same server. Is it worth the effort?

Yes I understand the difference between 90 and 125 is minimal, I just find it very strange. If I put the old Brume back in place, 125 down, and yet the Brume 2 only reaches 90. Consistently 90. It’s like it’s stuck in 4th gear. In the interest of clarity, once in these 2 weeks of testing, for 5 minutes, I did see the Brume 2 go up to the expected 125, not sure if it was with a power cycle, I had to make sure it was the Brume 2, then after 5 minutes back to 90.
All I can confirm with my knowledge of routers is that “something is definitely up”.
As I like the Wireguard client and server running simultaneously of the Brume 2, it looks like I’ll have to live with it, unless other users see similar behaviour or Alfie has something to add?

It’s worth noting GL publishes WG speeds based on Client mode, Ethernet/Cat-5+ connectivity. VPN Cascading may have a significant impact regardless.

Fluctuations are one thing but only hitting 72% of the Burme v1 is quite another. @blancmange Some tips:

  • I assume both devices are on the most current stable build of the GL firmware.
    • Reflashing stock firmware & only setting up WG Client is also advisable.
  • I assume your VPN/WG provider is already using the closest available server.
  • I assume hardwired, WG Client mode enabled & no other services like AdGuard Home, VPN Cascading, etc.
  • Check via, ensuring their closest available server.
    • Run a series, not just a single test & calculate the mode, not just the mean/average.
  • Check via Open Speed Test.
    • Run a series, not just a single test & calculate the mode, not just the mean/average.
  • Self-host Open Speed Test & just removing the whole Public Internet itself fr the equation.
    • Run a series, not just a single test & calculate the mode, not just the mean/average.
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It seems that the Ethernet is working in 100mbps mode.

Can you unplug and replug to test again?


This is why you’re a total genius Alfie!! I unplugged and replugged the ethernet cable and immediately my speeds were back to normal. It was stuck in 100mbps mode, I knew something wasn’t right!
Long may it continue! :pray:
Thank you, thank you!


In that case, I have to apologize for my suggestion to just accept it :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Didn’t think about this possibility…
Glad that it works now!


That’s what we get for not asking for a log dump. /s

Just ran a speed test again to check on the fix, and I see Brume 2 is back to throttling in 100mbps mode, without any intervention from me.

As soon as I unplug/plug back in the ethernet cable, speeds are back to normal.

I’m going to buy a new ethernet cable to see if it helps.

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I have the same Problem with the Ethernet Port. I tried several new network cable. After plugin it´s full speed, after some time it fall down to 100Mbit. It´s possible to change in Brume 2 Luci extend Settings one thing to force always Gigabit Speed?


My problem appeared to be due to a bad ethernet cable, a very good looking 15cm one, seems looks aren’t everything, since I’ve used the official ethernet cable that came with the Brume 2, I’ve had full speeds… :pray:

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Ok thanks for the Info. I tried now also several cables, but i have to use 5 Meter about. Maybe it´s better i will take the Brume 2 closer to the Fiber Modem (Nokia Fiber ONT Media Converter). I will try it with 15cm cable than. The Fiber Modem i have to use from my provider. From that i connect the Brume 2 with WAN and set in Brume 2 the PPPOE Settings from Provider.

CAT5e / CAT6 / CAT7 can be up to 125m long - so this isn’t the issue here.
Make sure to use STP cables (Shielded twisted pair) instead of UTP

Thanks. Yes i only use UTP CAT7 cables in my household.
It is really strange, works fine after replug and after some minutes the Speed goes down to 99Mbit.
I have Fiber and always 24/7 250Mbit. And i connected before another Routers (DDWRT Netgear 3700, and Fritzbox 4040) There i have always 250MBIT.

May it´s an issue with the PPPOE Function in Brume 2?
Because i have to use VLAN Port 32 for my connection from the Provider…

This looks like some kind of power-safe function. There are routers that switch back from 1GBit to 100MBit if there is no or low traffic.

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Thanks. But i use Brume 2 as Router. Only have the Fiber ONT Nokia, there i cant change settings, because it have no web ui.

Maybe the solution could be to set the Ping settings in Brume?
But i think the Traffic is to Low. I will try IT.