Brume 2 - USB hub not passing modem to web gui

Good afternoon,

I’m trying to use a usb hub to connect a usb modem to the brume 2 and show up in the web gui. I have successfully got the modem connected and running on the luci side of the router. The interface for it has been configured and I do have internet access. But on the gl.inet’s brume gui, it shows nothing for a modem. If i plug the modem directly into the brume, it will pop up.

My issue with that is, its too tight of a fit for it and the power cable putting strain on both devices, hence the usb hub. Nothing else connects to the hub but the modem.

The reason i am trying to get this to work is for ease of use of monitoring/configuring the modem. Right now, Im sshing into and using picocom with AT commands which is a bit of a pain. The modem is a telit lm960a18.

My assumption is im missing something to allow the passthrough of the modem to the brume interface over the hub.

Maybe look at the command listed in this post: