Brume 2 won’t connect to internet

I am doing setup as suggested in documentation where I connect Lan port of Brume 2 to my laptop and Wan port to Modem. My internet provider is Comcast but I use my own modem and router. However, Brume 2 doesn’t connect to internet and under Ethernet there is no ip address. All the cables are working fine coz when I move modem to router cable back to my main router it works fine but with brume it’s not working. Please help.

Comcast (Xfinity) cable internet service connections register the last known client mac-address that was connected to their service (just like a DHCP reservation). So reboot your cable modem whenever you connect a different router to the cable modem and that should release the mac-address reservation. Then when the cable modem comes back online with their service, your new client router mac-address can then be recognized and obtain an IP address from them.

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Your modem locked the mac address so you can only use the mac address of the old router.

Several ways to resolve this:

  1. Clone the mac address of the old router to the new router. This surely work immediatelly but not ideal.
  2. Reboot your modem. If not work immediately, just wait longer or over night. It should work.
  3. If reboot does not work you can call your ISP to reset the modem.