Brume Adguard - change DNS port to 53?

Hello all,

I have adguard set up on a Brume but the port offered by the config is 3053 - my router config doesn’t allow you to specify a port for DNS and defaults to 53 - is there any way to configure AdGuard to listen on 53 instead?

To clarify I am using the Brume as if it were an application device for VPN and AdGuard - it is not my main DHCP server.

Many thanks

In adguard it saids you can change to other ports

You can check adguard web config. If you cannot find, may check config file.

In openwrt admin adguard interface (not adguard itself) select use port 53 to replace dnsmasq
GL-MV1000 - Base Setting - LuCI (

if you do that make sure you also set dnsmasq as upstream for your local domain if you are using it for dhcp in Adguard DNS settings
eg [/lan/]

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Could someone elaborate about this ? I see what has to be done but I don’t know where, in what GUI, what file ? I am running AGH Version: v0.105.2 under OpenWrt 19.07.7 r11306-c4a6851c7 (beta 6 IIRC).