Brume as pure wireguard mullvad client?

Hi! First post here… I still don’t own a Gl.inet router but it seems promising for what i want to do. I wonder if anyone did something similar and can give any pointers of what is possible.
My current network is all unifi.
USG-》USW 8-port switch-》Devices and access points.
It works great. The downside is i want to have a vpn wireguard client on the network that connects to my Mullvad account. I can use mullvad clients for each of my devices, but some are very slow to encrypt vpn and really cuts the bandwidth (Android tv-box). The USG can only do pptp as client.
So I’ve been thinking of the mw1000 BRUME and somehow incorporate it into my network as a vpn client.

Now, I guess i could put it in bridge mode between the USG and the switch and use VPN policies by MAC to decide which devices will pass thru the vpn tunnel. I don’t know if that will present further issues? Ideally, i wouldn’t like to put all traffic thru an extra non-unifi device just for a vpn client that just a few devices will use.

I would rather just plug it into a switch port, set up the vpn client and then, for each device that uses it i will go into those devices network settings and set the brume ip as standard gateway so the traffic go thru the brume.
Is this possible? Anyone done that? I can use vpn client on a old nas I’ve got and do like this, but the speed is really slow then, like 15 mbps down. I was hoping the brume would manage a lot more, at least 150. My fiber line is 250/100…

Appreciate all input, especially potential problem i might run into…

Oh, i did think of doing a raspberry pi project for this but realise the price with everything will be close to what the brume costs, so…

I use a BRUME since the end of may. I use it intermittently because I manually maintain some other routers as backup hardware and I try to have a similar level of functionality. My main other router is a ASUS RT-AC68U.

I don’t think you can use the BRUME in anything other than as a ROUTER (with NAT). I am in this double NAT situation. The BRUME is connected between my ISP router (LiveBox) and a 8 ports CISCO switch.

I use a Wireguard client (with with a policy to have 2 computers not using the VPN. I have a slower Internet connection than yours so I cannot comment on speed. But latency is 1/4 that of what gives OpenVPN on the RT-AC68U (about 50 ms instead of 200).

As an added bonus, it now supports AdGuardHome which allows you to add very large blocklist (eg. oisd) thank to the 1 GB of RAM. I don’t know if there is another SOHO router with so much RAM but it was an excellent design decision. It’s hard to have something close to that on an ASUS router (I use Skynet and Diversion under john9527 fork). Although it can handle 1 million huge block list, the interface isn’t as great and easy to use as what is offered on the BRUME. So, yes, it appears expensive for what it is (I have Mikrotiks routers too) but it’s the easiest router I have used in the past 20 years, easy to setup and monitor. Oh, and you may observe that technical support is very good too here, at least for a home user.


I use the Wireguard Client to Mullvad on an AR-750 with a 50mb Internet connection and have found the AR-750 for my limited (< 5 device) use to serve at the maximum speed of my ISP.

I do find on occasion I need to disconnect and reconnect the client via the GL-iNet interface and at least once a week I’m restarting the AR-750 because it starts dropping WiFi networks or just has general connectivity issues.

I know the AR-750 is running at basically at full CPU to handle the traffic - so what I’m doing now isn’t a permanent solution. I’m looking at moving to the BRUME or B1300. I just added a cronjob (advanced admin interface) to automatically restart the AR-750 every morning at 5am, so we’ll see if that provides more stability.

Thanks guys. Yeah, double NAT is not ideal, a recipe for other issues. Think i read somewhere that the brume can not be in bridge mode and have the vpn activated simultaneously?
Brume seems to have better hardware specs than many other routers and since i have 250/100 line of course i want to use as much as possible of that. I know that mullvad servers here in Sweden are very fast. When using a mullvad client with wireguard on my pc i get around 210/80. My tv android box is not that powerful though. Without vpn i get around 245/95, but activating vpn client I’m down to 25-40 download. Enough for streaming hd, but 4k sometimes lag a bit. So i know it’s not the vpn servers dragging me down but rather the hardware on the device.
There should be a market for pure vpn gateways that you incorporate in your lan. Imagine a small box just doing vpn server or client? Haven’t found any though, maybe something for gl.inet to look into?
I’ll see, maybe a raspberry pi 4 is an alternative. Can learn some Linux stuff while I’m at it… :slight_smile:

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