Brume cant connect nordvpn thru nordvpn's openvpn config files


i know brume’s latest version is 3.216 is old.

i cant do what i can do previously: dnld a config file from nordvpn,
upload and connect.


i tried both udp and tcp, both failed.

i found GL inet routers not as good as i used to be/good.

pls advise thanks

ps, i have two nordvpn accounts,
i am using both of them and i am sure i know the password and is working.

i dont know why auth will fail.


The credentials for Nord OpenVPN are different from login!
Please locate the correct credentials (called “service credentials” if I am right) in your NordVPN dashboard.

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that’s new to me.
thank you.

ps, he’s correct, for openvpn login, another set of username and password need to be obtained.

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