Brume MV1000 - possible to load Opnsense?

Hello friends/Gli Team

How can one load a different OS? Is there a way to recover the device if I brick it?

The Brume hardware is identical to the Espressobin v7 and Netgate SG-1100.
There is an Opnsense img out there for the espressobin, would it be possible to load that on the Brume?
Here is the image:

Edit:: here is the forum link from opnsense for espressobin.

And here is the config to load the OS on the espressobin::

Gli team, can you please help/reply with steps how to load another os and restore the device if Uboot is bricked.

I’m forget about OPNSense, i’m interesting too how run this OS on Brume, i’m have 2 Brume-W

Did you try this?

Hi, can’t help with alternative OS only ever run OpenWRT and Ubuntu . The instructions are a bit vague in terms of when you’re in uboot mode. Please ignore the number of seconds to hold the reset button down. Hold down the reset button, insert power and when the left and middle leds are solid you will be in uboot mode and you can release the reset button.

Dunno if that helps.

I have not. I wouldn’t know where to start. I wish loading a different OS was as easy as x86 PCs.