Brume mv1000 using the /dev/mmcblk0p3 6.6G for dualboot openwrt and gl-wrt

I know for sure of one linksys router that provides the ablity to boot to two different router configs. it would be nice to have vanilla openwrt and gl-wrt on router at same time for testing purposes. currently mv1000 is on snapshot for openwrt so I don’t think extroot might work with dualbooting. am I mistaken? and i have used extroot with micro-sd but not really what I’m looking for

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so I started thinking about a multiple boot setup with mv1000. multibooting with extroot on /dev/mmcblk0p3 . if you set a factory reset where button press greater then 8 does not wipe /dev/mmcblk0p3. you can create a directory with multiple backup directories the can have a menu system to select which to boot. from the default boot partition you can then assign the button setting to select which one to boot based on the switch left or right. I know you guys like code for features across your router line but at some time you may like to decide to push advance versions that will not be used with your similar products.
for example
lets say you store extroot /dev/mmcblk0p3/gliconfigs/nameofconfigj/upper/
or with a microsd card /dev/sda1/glconfigs/nameofconfig/upper

if after a factory reset you can check off a setting to enable extroot to be read the directory listing to select one from /dev/sda1/glconfigs/* or even /data/glconfigs/* or even create a new one and then use slide switch setting to select extroot menu default or gldefault boot.

actually you guys are getting too full of disk space with 19.x upgrade that you may need to decide if extroot to microsd for the product lines with microsd readers might be a good choice. just some thoughts you guys might be struggling to decide with if you don’t mind the input. I personally would work with your higher end products feature set.

one thing i have found is companies do not want to release testing tools they use. I worked for a company where we did and made sure we stayed clear of releasing proprietary testing tools. the result was that the customers adding to the test script process which was very helpful. then went on to help with features also. does gl-net have a list of testing scripts they use. if not it would be nice to create a subforum of testing admin tools.

Such subforums can cause confusion for some users.
However, it is very good to disclose test summary information as an indicator for power users.

For advanced users it is Good. The scripts we are using can find in our current firmware actually.

Booting dual firmware in a router, is very complicated thing and very confusing some times.