Brume snapshot firmware v.4.3.6?

Just found out that Brume snapshot firmware is up to 4.3.6 from 4.3.2 and curious it’s usable(stable) enough to test around? What’s the release note ?


It integrates some fix branches for 4.3.3 ~ 4.3.5. Of these, 4.3.3 and 4.3.4 have been released with stable firmware on other signals. So there isn’t much untested.
As for stability … I think it should be released stable within this month. So optimistically this is the previous compilation of the stable version.

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Will any of the 4.3.x or above firmware versions mentioned here work on the GL-MV1000W? If not is there any news on when the Brume (MV1000W) will get updated from 3.2.6?

MV1000 and MV1000W use the same firmware.

I understand that you don’t have much interest in updating the firmware of this model because it is discontinued, do you plan to release a 4.x version by 2025?
I also have the Brume2 but if the policy is to abandon such old models, let me know I will buy something else from now on.
I don’t want to be a polemical person but it’s called client retention. There is no point in flooding the mails with continuous newsletters if you can’t support what you have sold so far.


To clarify, the 4.x firmware for older products was tested in batches.
For the first batch, only the MT1300, AR750S, AR750, XE300, X750, X300B, AR300M, SFT1200, B1300 are the only models for which firmware has been officially released.
For the other products we promised, they are in the next batch. The beta will be released next week.

Any updates on this? Its been 3 weeks now and there isnt even a snapshot available anymore

Once a snapshot is available, shouldn’t it stay available?

Anyway, I’m also eagerly awaiting 4.x firmware for my Brume 1.

Always save any firmware you are using, or may one day use, to you own local storage! GL iNet even deletes older released versions! It is a real pain. I wish they would stop doing this.


At some point I’ll probably set up some sort of automated mirroring for the devices I’m interested in :roll_eyes:

It’s been 9 months since the last commitment was missed and the latest stable release is still 3.216. Also nothing in the release notes for the beta other than to be filled in soon. That hasn’t happened either.

Ver 4.3.8 is available. You can download and install it if you need to.
We do not intend to remind all users to upgrade to a major version of the MV1000/MV1000W, so it’s staying in Beta.

Sorry, this was a display bug that we hadn’t noticed before and has now been fixed.

Upgraded to 4.3.8 but now the Brume W has no WiFi. It now thinks it is an MV1000 when it is actually an MV1000W can you point me to the right upgrade please?

Looks like you upgraded from version 3 to version 4, I would recommend a factory reset and try.

Tried firmware reset and button reset. Reinstalled 4.3.8 and the router still shows as an MV1000 and Not a MV1000W. Wifi is gone. .

I’m so sorry, I just confirmed that due to the difficulty of upgrading the Wi-Fi driver for the M1000W, it would take at least a couple months of complete commitment from the developers. So we’ve only dealt with the MV1000 part for now. There is an error in the Download Center display, we’ll fix it.

We really don’t have the spare capacity to deal with this at the moment, I’m sorry. For the future, all I can say right now is that we’ll try to figure out how to make time to deal with it.