Brume-W Adguard Home and VPN

I’m torn between getting the older Slate and the latest Brume-W. The added Adguard Home support seems worth it for the Brume, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to run both a Wireguard VPN and Adguard Home simultaneously on the router. Or you can only have one at a time?

I use Mullvad and usually they force their own DNS on devices. How is adguard home implemented on the router?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

I have the AR 750s with 3.105 AGH Beta firmware installed. From what I’ve been using the Slate and reading through these forums, spec-wise, Adguard Home runs better on Brume.

“I use Mullvad and usually they force their own DNS on devices. How is adguard home implemented on the router?”

  • In the AdGuard Home settings page - DNS settings. There are two DNS server settings: Upstream DNS servers and Bootstrap DNS servers, my guess is you might be able to use the Mullvad’s DNS there. But I’d suggest you contact Mullvad first just to be sure.
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Thanks! If that’s the case, since Mullvad has their own public DNS I think I can probably get it to work.

In general, do folks generally run a wireguard vpn and Adguard Home simultaneously on the Brume?

I guess I’m trying to understand at what point exactly does the preinstalled Adguard Home starts filtering stuff and if running a Wireguard on the router bypasses the Adguard layer.

What I want is this -

  • Adguard Home should be running all the time
  • When I turn the Wireguard VPN on, traffic should go through Adguard Home as well.

I’m running a Brume with Adgaurd and Torgaurd over WG at the same time… when downloading, CPU will get up to 75%?

Also using USB splitter, which other threads said didn’t work, and connected phone and WiFi adapter, no problems.

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Can you share what USB splitter you are using? Thanks.

Alfa 1200AC works + Tethered to Moto G Pure w/ Visible Sim for unlimited 5mbs backup wireless… both detect and operate at the same time just fine. Now I need TTL hacking settings for custom firewall in Luci to get past limits.