Brume-W GL-MV1000W: wifi repeater speed, heat, packet drops

My GL-MV1000-W runs on V3.203. I am new to the GL.iNet devices, but I have use OpenWRT for many years on other devices.

When run with an ethernet uplink there are quite rare packet drops.
However, when run in wifi repeater mode there are frequent packet drops. The host wifi infrastructure it is connected to is reliable and there are not packet drops in ping.

So why would that happen?

Also at the warmest spot the case exhibits 63 degrees Celsius, although there is no load (no VPN, no TOR, no CryptDNS,…). Is that normal?

How are you seeing that there are packet drops over wifi? Does the System Log and Kernel Log show any info?

You can try a different 2.4GHz channel and 20MHz channel width.

My unit also runs at 60+ degC, which seems to be “normal” for GL.iNet.

How do I know it drops packets? As mentionied: I just run ping.

Actually I had it set up to repeat a rate limited wifi network, and this might have created the drops. I have now set it up to repeat an unlimited 2.4GHz network and now I do not see the drops.

However I am still not seeing good speeds when using the wifi repeater mode.
When using cable upstream I get full speed (i.e. > 300 mbps), which is awesome.
But when using wifi repeater for upstream I get half of the bandwidth of the wifi network it is using, i.e. roughly 25Mbps.

The 2.4GHz network bandwidth is max 65MBps, correct? Connecting with a laptop to that it gives max 59Mbps at When connecting through the Brume-W I get a bit less than half of that on

Is that normal and caused by a limitation of how wifi repeater mode works?

The GL-MV1000W only has a single 2.4GHz band and the radio is “half-duplex” in that it cannot transmit and receive at the same time and has to constantly switch between transmit and receive. Hence, the maximum wifi speed would be cut in half.

Thanks, it seems it is really made for ethernet. Why would I want fast VPN on slow Wifi…

So the Beryl seems to be the fastest travel router for hotel use cases?

The GL-MV1000W is no longer available, but odd not to have dual-band wifi to transmit/receive on both radios at the same time for probably little extra cost. It is classified as an “edge router”, not a travel router".

The Beryl is not as fast with VPN, especially running OpenVPN.

You can add a USB wifi adapter if you want dual-band:

You are right. Originally MV1000 is designed without wifi. But many users ask to add wifi, even it is only 2.4G. The purpose is to configure/use smartphones or connect to wifi networks. So MV1000W does not have good wifi but at least it works in those scenarios.

For professional travel router pls choose MT1300, AR750s