Brume -W onboard 8Gb storage

Hi guys,

I am a newbie when it comes to the world of Open-WRT, and GL.iNet products, though I do own a Mango, Beryl and more recently a Brume-W.

With the Brume-W, I understand there is an 8Gb eMMC module. How do I access this? I can’t see this in the settings.

Many thanks.

It should be /dev/mmcblk0p3 (ext4 format) mounted as /data. I don’t think you could do anything with it from the GUI webpage. You would use it to store data from some program you were running on the machine etc. I guess you could remount it under /mnt and then use it for file sharing via Samba. But only a few GB. Brume has a variety of uses. If you were just using it as a VPN server, for instance, I’m not sure this storage module will be helpful with anything.

8GB isn’t a lot in this day and age. I basically dump things like the latest TV episodes onto it, so that I can stream them to my various devices depending on where I am in the house with VLC (TV, Notebook, Tablet, phone) . I delete the old episode, upload the new episode , watch and repeat.

Thanks for your reply. Are you able to give me step-by-step instructions to do this? I’m not familiar with the Linux (?) command line to mount/map this 8Gb storage.

Thanks for your reply. Like you, am just planning to use this as temporary storage. Downloading programs or config files onto it and installing it on other devices. If I can use this 8Gb, then why not? Saves me putting in another microSD card for storage.

You can check using command df

You can share it via samba


Thanks Al.

Will try this later today.

Sorry Al, just checking my stats via Luci. I can see that I only have 394.5Mb storage for software? Should the capacity not be based on the 8Gb onboard storage?

394.5MB is the current overaly system using (i.e. /overlay ). The vast storage is in /data.

394.5 should be enough to use for system itself.

Thanks A, understood regarding the smaller space in /overlay.

Now, back to my mission to access the 8Gb eMMC…

Thanks for showing the commands to share via Samba. However the command line method is beyond my understanding, so I installed the Luci-GUI to do the share but it did not work. Luci-GUI installed fine, and there was a drop down menu for “Network Shares”. I used that to share GL-Samba /data. Also created a folder /data/Shared-Folder.

When I access the Samba share config file via WinSCP, I can see that the is an entry for GL-Samba /data.

However, I cannot map the path using Windows. When I access the router GUI interface, there is only a share for /mnt in the drop down menu. No option to share /data folder.

I think I will give up on this.

You can share the 8GB eMMC simply by changing the mount point. So the stock Glinet system has a shell script that mounts the devices on startup. You would change this script to mount it to /mnt/data instead of /data.

You would need to update plugins and install nano probably from the glinet gui plugins panel. Google how to do basic things in nano like save. Then ssh into the router as root and run the command “nano /etc/hotplug.d/block/10-mount” Then carefully change the script where it says /data to /mnt/data or whatever you want to call it. Then save and reboot.

After doing a software update you might have to make this change from /data again. But I don’t think making this change will affect anything.

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Thanks for your response dkmatter. Appreciate it, and sorry for late reply. Travelling at the moment. Will look into your notes when I’m back from my travels.

It would be easier to install the luci-app-samba package.

This adds LuCI → Services → Network Shares to the GUI, where you can just add /data directly to Shared Directories.